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Frustrated with Diet and Exercise?

Use safe, proven red light therapy technology to lose PURE FAT with great results!


Does everyone get results?
We guarantee it! Give us just 6 weeks and you’ll be impressed! Some clients need to come for several months to really get the results they want, but if you follow our proven system and come for red light sessions twice a week, you’ll lose inches! We can help men and women of any age and shape. Let us explain the easy system and show you the technology during your consultation.
How much does this cost?

What is your health worth? It’s priceless! You can’t put a value on your health. The cost of our services really varies, depending on your goals. Let’s schedule a computerized body analysis to see what’s going on from the inside out, then a one-on-one consultation to review the results and your goals. Most find our services very reasonable for what they get—incredible results, improved energy, possibly less pain, and more mobility and let’s also talk about improved confidence!

Can my insurance cover the cost?

Most clients pay with cash, check or credit card when they are ready to get started with their great inch loss. But for some people, they need assistance with financing. We do not take insurance for this spa-like service although we do offer financing options. Pricing is discussed during your free educational consultation.

How safe is this and how does it work?

There are many medical studies about red light therapy that show this is safe, pain-free and really works! It’s LED and infrared light. There is no UV. When the light shines on the areas of stubborn fat, it only​​​​​ takes minutes to get the body in targeted lipolysis. Many clients also see an improvement in their skin tone as well!

I have tried diet and exercise and it’s frustrating but I don’t want to go under the knife.

There’s no reason to do anything potentially harmful or invasive like surgery or crazy restrictive diets. Our technology truly enhances your efforts you’re doing at home. When you are already taking steps to eat healthily and exercise, adding in this technology can basically speed up your results! We have helped change bodies from people needing to lose 10 pounds to people needing to shed more than 100 pounds!

Any age, any shape. Lose stubborn fat in relaxing spa-like sessions. The more you come, the more you lose!

Our red light therapy is head to toe fat loss using special LED and Infrared light. It’s the first of it’s kind in East Idaho!

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Red Light Therapy Benefits

Red Light Therapy Benefits

Red light therapy is one of the most interesting natural treatments out there today. Working by stimulating the body on a cellular level, it may just hold the key to treating a whole host of diverse health issues which may not be limited to those described in this article.