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Are you struggling with weight and fat loss in Idaho Falls? It seems to be a cruel twist of biology that it is much easier to pile on the pounds than it is to lose weight.
The weight you gain by eating and drinking things that maybe you should avoid can take months to burn off, even when you follow a strict diet and exercise regime.

In the meantime, you will often have to contend with issues of negative body image and low self-esteem that can be hard to shift even when you do get to your ideal body shape.

Losing weight represents a serious challenge for most people. There are no quick fixes, and a high level of perseverance and willpower is almost always required to get yourself into shape. Nonetheless, there are some things that you can do alongside your weight-loss plan that can speed things along. One of these things is red light therapy.


Red Light Therapy: An Explanation


Red light therapy uses LED bulbs that emit red and near-infrared light. These bulbs form part of a clinical device that is used to bathe the body in light. The light is usually administered in the form of a lamp or tanning bed-style like device. Treatments require you simply to stand or lie next to the device for 10-15 minutes a day. The treatment is pain-free and relaxing.
When absorbed by the body, red light can have some profound health benefits. Various clinical studies have found that red light therapy can boost skin health, muscle recovery, sleep joint pain and inflammation.

As a result, this non-invasive treatment has quickly been adopted by a range of top sportsmen and women as a means of improving post-performance recovery.


How Does Red Light Therapy Help with Fat Loss?


Red light therapy works on the body in a number of ways:

Accelerates Cellular Metabolism

Red light and near-infrared light are known to stimulate cellular activity. When they are absorbed by the mitochondria in our cells, they boost cellular performance and energy, leading to an increase in metabolism. When the body’s metabolism is accelerated, it is able to burn fat more quickly.

Regulates Thyroid

One thing that can cause the body to gain weight is an under-active thyroid. People with hypothyroidism tend to find it extremely difficult to lose weight, even when following the strictest of exercise and diet regime.
When absorbed by the body, red light therapy can diminish the autoimmune activity of the thyroid, which helps it to better regulate the body’s metabolism. In turn, this speeds up fat loss and make it easier for the body  to return to a healthy weight.

Reduces Fat Cells

Red light has been found to reduce the size of fat cells. It works by opening up small holes the fat cells through which fatty acids called lipids can then escape and be dealt with by the body.
Some studies have shown that just a few minutes of exposure to red light can cause the release of up to 80 percent of the lipids found in fat cells, which are then effectively washed away. In addition, this makes red light therapy effective as a tool to get rid of stubborn cellulite.


Will Red Light Therapy Work for Me?


Our Red light therapy in Idaho Falls  is suitable for everyone, no matter their shape or age. In some cases, the effects can be observed after a period as short as six weeks with biweekly treatments. In others, more perseverance is needed, with a course of treatment lasting a few months.

Red light therapy should not be used in place of a healthy exercise and dietary routine; rather, the treatment should be used as an additional fat-loss tool to boost the effort that you are already putting in. If you view the treatment as an enhancer and continue to follow healthy habits, you should start to see results quickly.

Is Red Light Therapy Safe for Weight Loss?


Red light therapy is 100 percent safe and painless. The wavelengths it uses provide natural light to skin and cells which contain no UV rays, excess heat or chemicals. Fit Fast 4 Health uses full body Red Light Therapy beds  that have been approved by the FDA which have no unwelcome side effects or risks.


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Red light therapy is one of the newest and most exciting tools for beating fat Loss in Idaho Falls. It is quick, safe and painless, and is backed up by a growing body of compelling clinical evidence.
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